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Bath for regulating the acid-base balance

BASE FIT bath helps with
removing metabolic acids via the skin
regeneration of the skin surface

Package size:

Contents: 416 g

Preis:  32,00  inkl. USt.

With a total area of 2 square metres, the skin is an important excretory organ that is also known as the “third kidney” in natural medicine. Alkaline electrolytes purify the body and thus support the kidneys. Zeolites bind harmful heavy metals and impurities. Blood circulation is enhanced by the degradation of acids. By neutralising metabolic acids, the flexibility of the muscles is increased and the tendency to cramp reduced. Deacidification also makes the skin smooth and soft.

A dose (= 2 measuring spoons = approx. 26 g) contains the following ingredients:

Ingredients Per daily dose
Sodium carbonate 15 g
Potassium carbonate 7.5 g
Potassium hydrogen carbonate 2.5 g
Activated zeolite 1 g

mmol / daily dose = 375.37 mmol


Recommended use:

Twice a week, stir 2 moderately heaped measuring spoons (=approx. 26 g) of Cosmoterra BASE FIT bath into a warm full bath tub, and for 30 minutes take a bath – without using soaps or shower gels. During this time, massage your body 3 times vigorously with a massage brush under water. After the bath, refrain from using soaps or shower gels. Also suitable for wet packs, compresses or partial baths.


Please note:

Using a simple trick, you can see for yourself how efficient a base bath is in deacidifying your body: Get some indication paper from your pharmacy (measuring range: pH 4 to 9). Dip your indicator slip into the water before you get into the base bath. Repeat the pH test after the 30 minute bath. You will see that the pH value of your base bath water has decreased, meaning that your bath water became more “acid”. This is the amount of acid that your body excreted via your skin during your 30 minute bath.