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Our consultation

Good consulting starts with listening

You have a problem, we have the solution? No, it doesn’t work like that. We want to get to the core of your problems before offering a solution. This is why we are looking forward to the first meeting with you. Whether via the telephone or face to face – you decide, we listen.

We know what we are talking about

Every Cosmoterra business partner completes a thorough training in orthomolecular medicine. So not only do we know what could be good for you, but we also know in which form, dosage, and why.

We stay on top of things

Cosmoterra stands for innovation – this applies to both our products and our knowledge. We receive ongoing training from doctors, pharmacists and nutritionists.

Trust in our experience

Every one of our 800 business partners also consumes the products they sell. This means we only recommend products that we, our partners or our children use ourselves.

What you see is what you get

Every Cosmoterra business partner holds a trade license. Black sheep? No chance.

Finding what’s missing

The food supplement market is vast and nontransparent. Just because something is praised doesn’t mean it is good. Rare are the products that exactly meet our body’s needs. We look for the right puzzle pieces to enhance your well-being.