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with valuable polyphenols and high antioxidant potential


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Contents: 125 g

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The biological properties of CISTROSA HERB are similar to those of propolis or aloe vera, except for the fact that CISTROSA HERB can be used internally as tea or for lavations. Cistus contains anti-inflammatory bioflavonoids which mitigate inflammation processes. It also binds heavy metals, such as lead, cadmium and mercury and channels them out of the body. The anitviral and antibacterial properties of polyphenols support the immune system. Cosmoterra CISTROSA HERB soothes inflammation, detoxifies and inhibits the growth of harmful bacterial in the intestines, thus strengthening the immune system.


Dried and crushed plant parts of the grey-haired cistus (Cistus incanus ssp.tauricus).


Recommended use:

For internal use as tea (sufficient for approx. 50 days) and can be used externally as decoction.