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Diet-Related Problems

Is your problem diet-related?

Just to be clear from the start: Not all health issues are diet-related. Nonetheless, the food we choose to eat every day and our lifestyle have a huge influence on our well-being. Problems seem to pop up unexpectedly: hair loss, cellulite, hay fever, cat allergy, neurodermatitis, recurrent athlete’s foot. A mere coincidence?

The ever-increasing consumption of convenience food changes our daily lives more than we care to admit. In our achievement-oriented society we need to be strong and successful both in our jobs and our families, and even in our leisure time. What we eat and drink are increasingly becoming an “afterthought”. We think we are saving time this way and seem unaware of the resulting drawbacks: Our body stops “functioning” in the way we were used to – apparently all of a sudden.

It is no coincidence that cases of diabetes, allergies, cardiovascular diseases, osteoporosis and mental performance deficiencies (ADHS, depression, burnout) are increasing particularly quickly in those countries where more and more convenience food is consumed. All these health issues are closely linked to our dietary habits.

Clever people plan ahead

Just to be clear from the start: A wholesome, balanced diet, consisting of high-quality staple foodstuffs cannot be replaced by anything. Nevertheless: Based on what we know today, it has become almost impossible to ensure long-term health protection solely via a healthy, balanced diet. Not only is the amount of nutrients in our diverse food supply generally too low, our daily life is marked by numerous load factors that increase our daily need for nutrients: air pollution, heavy metals, high noise exposure, nitrates, ozone, stress, ambitious leisure sports and air traffic, to name but a few. The recipe for the clever, modern person who thinks ahead is therefore: a healthy, balanced diet consisting of high-quality staple foods, complemented by high-quality nutrional supplements. Neither measure can substitute the other.

Cosmoterra GmbH business partners are specialized in:

  • analysing your dietary habits and lifestyle
  • identifying problems related to your diet or environment and finding associated solutions
  • choosing your personal nutritional needs and the dosage
  • taking into account your personal diet principles (vegetarian, vegan)