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PANMOL® – Vital substances

PANMOL® is a Greek-Latin neologism meaning “all” (pan) “molecules” (moles). This word mark stands for a new generation of nutrient complexes. They are characterised by a holistic, plant-based, gapless composition. Two decades of research have made it possible to extract plant-based vitamins, minerals, trace elements and essential fatty acids from germinating quinoa seeds, mineral flours, valuable oilseeds and high-quality potato tubers. A speciality here is the cultivation of vitamin-rich quinoa seedlings.

How does it work?

Put simply, the production of PANMOL® vital substances is based on the principle of fertilisation. In agriculture, the soil is enriched with fertiliser in order to supplement and optimise the nutrient supply for the cultivated crops. A similar process is used in the laboratories of the Austrian company vis vitalis gmbh: Germinating quinoa seeds are fertilised with a vitamin solution. During the germination process, the vitamins are absorbed into the plant cells and converted into their biologically active forms.


What is special about these PANMOL® vital substances?

  • They ensure that dosing is adequate and seamless.
  • They are unique in their composition – just like the plant.
  • They guarantee standardised minimum levels of micronutrients.
  • They contain the highest levels of plant micronutrients in the world.
  • SThey ensure better bioavailability.
PANMOL® Vitalstoffe

PANMOL® B-Complex and PANMOL® NADH are currently used in Cosmoterra products.

PANMOL® B-Complex is obtained from quinoa sprouts. Quinoa was considered a sacred grain by the Incas in ancient times and, unlike wheat, is gluten-free. The quinoa used for the production of PANMOL® B-Complex comes from controlled organic cultivation. Compared to wholemeal, however, the content of B vitamins in PANMOL® B-Complex is hundreds of times higher.

PANMOL® NADH is the biologically active form of vitamin B3. Durch ein spezielles Verfahren, ohne Einsatz chemischer Substanzen, gelang es, NADH über Jahre haltbar zu machen und damit die Wirksamkeit zu erhalten.