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About Us

Über uns

CosmoTerra® Ernährungsberatungs GmbH is an Austrian company
that was founded in Salzburg in 1993.

Our idea to found the company was triggered by a dynamically growing change in our dietary habits and lifestyle which increasingly has clearly visible impacts on people’s health and well-being.

Today, numerous nutrition statistics prove that more than 50% of all diseases in industrialised countries are diet-related or dependant on diet. These diseases do not only include obesity and tooth decay, but also health issues as diverse as neurodermatitis, allergies, rheumatism, cardio-vascular diseases, osteoporosis, learning difficulties, AD(H)D, dementia or diabetes. It is striking that all these health issues are increasingly prevalent in those countries where eating and drinking habits have changed. And this is exactly where Cosmoterra comes in.

Our focus on nutritional science…

Cosmoterra analyses poor dietary habits and corrects them with a targeted supply of nutrient complexes.

Our many years of research expertise…

Continuous research, innovative concepts and quality-oriented production are all located in one place: the Lungau district in the region of Salzburg. We are grateful to co-operate with vis vitalis® gmbh, an Austrian research and production company. The vis vitalis® gmbh team has been investigating nutrition since 1990. Pharmacists, biochemists, chemists and medical experts in nutrition rack their brains to develop and produce high-quality nutritional supplements.

100% natural…

Cosmoterra products clearly stand out from other nutritional supplements currently on the market. Why? They bear the PANMOL® quality seal. This seal stands for a new generation of nutritional complexes. They are distinguished by their wholesome and exclusively vegetable composition. More than two decades of research have made it possible to extract vegetable vitamins, minerals, trace elements and essential fatty acids from sprouting grains, mineral flours, valuable oilseeds and high-quality potatoes. A special feat is the cultivation of sprouting grains that are rich in vitamins.

Our consulting expertise…

Cosmoterra business partners go through thorough nutrition training before they become consultants. Continuous professional development guarantees the unique competence of Cosmoterra’s consultants.

Moosham 29
5585 Unternberg
Tel.: +43/ (0) 6476/ 651-701
Fax: +43/ (0) 6476/ 651-777