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for heart, muscles and nervous system

MAGNESIUM PLUS capsules help with
a normal cardiac function
a normal muscle function
a normal function of the nervous system

Package size:

Contents: 120 capsules

Preis:  36,00  inkl. USt.

In order for blood to be transported around the body, the heart muscle needs to contract and relax. In relaxed state, the cardiac muscle cells are provided with plenty of magnesium and potassium; in contracted state, magnesium and potassium are released from the inside of the cardiac muscle cells. In order for the muscle to relax again, magnesium and potassium need to be pumped into the cardiac muscle cells. The functionality of these pumps depends on magnesium. The muscular interaction between contraction and relaxation, accompanied by a rhythmic release and supply of electrolytes, not only takes place in the heart muscle but also in the intestinal and skeletal muscles.

The daily dose (= 2 capsules) of MAGNESIUM PLUS contains the following decisive ingredients:

Ingredients Per daily dose (= 2 capsules) NRV*
Vitamin B1 (thiamin) 1.1 mg 100%
Calcium 120 mg 15%
Carbonate 178.9 mg
Hydrogen carbonate 468.8 mg
Potassium 300 mg 15%
Magnesium 301 mg 80%
Other decisive ingredients:
Citrus extract 10 mg
   contains bioflavonoids 6 mg

*NRV = Nutrient Reference Value. The values of the ingredients are based on average analyses.


Recommended intake:

1 capsule twice a day with sufficient liquid.


Special note:

The daily intake of magnesium can reach up to 600 mg, of potassium even up to 1,000 mg. However, for people with a sensitive stomach, high single doses of magnesium may cause loose stools or even diarrhea. If this is the case, take magnesium in several smaller doses (100-150 mg) throughout the day and/or with meals.