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for overstressed muscles and joints


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Contents: 200 ml

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Centuries-long experience with active ingredients from nature are the basis of the LUMBERJACK MASSAGE BALM. Marmot oil has been used for three centuries as massage oil for an overstressed musculoskeletal system. Goat butter is rich in protein components and trace elements. Arnica has an analgesic effect on blunt injuries, such as sprains or bruises. St. John’s wort extract with its principal active ingredient hypericin makes this oil highly suitable for use on sensitive skin. Essential oils from mountain pine and juniper wood stimulate the blood circulation of the skin and muscles. Cosmoterra LUMBERJACK MASSAGE BALM is ideal for athletes as well as for inunction and massage for all muscle and joint conditions.


Marmot oil, hayflowers extract, fatty acids from coconut oil, St. John’s wort extract, arnica extract, goat butter, mountain pine oil, juniper oil, vitamin E, menthol.



Massage into affected areas several times a day as needed. If skin irritations occur, immediately discontinue use.

Please note:

Essential oils from peppermint, mountain pine or juniper wood may trigger allergies in sensitive people. If an allergic reaction occurs, discontinue use of Cosmoterra LUMBERJACK MASSAGE BALM.