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for skin and throat


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Contents: 50 ml


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Cistus contains anti-inflammatory bioflavonoids; it thus alleviates inflammation in the throat area. The anitviral and antibacterial properties of the polyphenols present in cistus not only support the immune system but also soothe skin irritations. CISTROSA LIQUID is a tincture with a convenient sprayer for gargling (in case of throat problems) and for cleansing impure and irritated skin. It corresponds to the traditional preparation method (decoction) with near-natural preservatives and is extremely easy to use.


Alcohol (34%), cistus incanus ssp.tauricus = grey-haired cistus.


Recommended use:

Where required, apply 1-2 sprays to the affected skin.
For cleansing purposes, add to lukewarm water and dab affected areas.