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for massaging muscles and joints


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Contents: 100 or 200 ml

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Frankincense is the dried resin of the frankincense tree, which mainly grows in Morocco, Somalia, Egypt, southern Arabia and India. The ancient cultures of the Middle East, Greece and Rome not only used frankincense for religious rituals but also for medical treatment. The properties of FRANKINCENSE CREAM are manifold. It supports the musculoskeletal system on multiple levels. Frankincense and various plant extracts support the elasticity and flexibility of tendons, ligaments and joints. Boswellic acid from frankincense and natural substances from willow bark naturally alleviate inflammation of the tendons and joints. Oil extracts from nutmeg, St. John’s wort and aloe vera improve the blood circulation in the muscles.


Frankincense extract, frankincense oil, papaya leaf extract, nutmeg oil, St. John’s wort extract, aloe vera extract, willow bark extract, menthol.


Massage into affected areas of the skin several times a day as needed.
External use only.

Please note:

FRANKINCENSE CREAM contains natural essential oils which may trigger allergies in sensitive people. If an allergic reaction occurs, please do not continue using Cosmoterra FRANKINCENSE CREAM.