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for targeted blood circulation in the legs


Package size:

Contents: 100 ml

Preis:  17,50  inkl. USt.

The first indication of vein problems are tired legs, swelling, tightness and a tingling sensation in the legs, itching, and night cramps in the calf. Cosmoterra LEG AND FOOT SPRAY has a soothing, activating, invigorating and relaxing effect. Marigold extract strengthens the veins and ensures elasticity. The active ingredient aescin in the vine leaf extract has a vein-strengthening effect and promotes blood circulation. Lavender and rosemary oil sooth and relax. Cosmoterra LEG AND FOOT SPRAY is ideal for on the go, for sports and exercise, as it can easily be applied to stockings without losing its effectiveness.


Marigold extract, vine leaf extract, ginkgo biloba extract, extract of horse chestnut, sweet clover and yarrow, lavender oil, rosemary oil, melissa oil.


Recommended use:

Spray legs, feet and veins as needed.
The spray is rapidly absorbed, even without massage, and does not leave an oily film.


Please note:

Especially in the case of an increased tendency towards thrombosis, the liquid should in no case be massaged into the legs but only applied lightly.