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for joints, digestive system and immune system

FRANKINCENSE PLUS capsules help with
elastic cartilage, bones and joints
protecting the digestive system against oxidative stress
a normal function of the immune system

Package size:

Contents: 120 capsules

Preis:  40,00  inkl. USt.

Frankincense is the resin (olibanum) of the frankincense tree. It is extracted by scratching the trunk and branches. In addition to many other substances, such as essential oils, mucilages and resinous substances, frankincense resin contains 5-8% boswellic acid which is responsible for the anti-inflammatory effect of frankincense. Boswellic acids, essential oils and flavonoids alleviate inflammation processes in the digestive tract and joints.

The daily dose (= 1 capsule) of FRANKINCENSE PLUS contains the following decisive ingredients:

Ingredients Per daily dose (= 1 capsule) NRV*
Vitamin C 47.5 mg 59 %
Other decisive ingredients:
Rosehip Fruit Extract 60 mg
Frankincense extract 100 mg
   equates to pure incense resin 2.500 mg
   contains boswellic acid 65 mg

*NRV = Nutrient Reference Value. The values of the ingredients are based on average analyses.


Recommended intake:

1 capsule a day with sufficient liquid.