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for well cared for and beautiful hands


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Contents: 100 ml

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Sage is a medicinal plant with strong antibacterial, antifungal, astringent and antiperspirant actions. Sage (salvia officinalis) is so versatile that it has long been used as a valuable medicinal herb for a host of ailments. Its antiperspirant and refreshing effects are particularly well known in body care. Cosmoterra SAGE HAND CREAM cares for and nourishes damaged and stressed hands. It protects chapped and rough skin, making it soft and smooth again. SAGE HAND CREAM prevents excessive perspiration, does not leave an oily film and is rapidly absorbed.


Witch hazel extract, sage extract, aloe vera extract, vitamin E, coenzyme Q10.



Apply to hands several times a day as needed.


Please note:

Cosmoterra SAGE HAND CREAM contains natural essential oils which may trigger allergies in sensitive people. If an allergic reaction occurs, discontinue use of SAGE HAND CREAM.

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