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Capsules for hormonal balance

RED CLOVER PLUS capsules help to
maintain hormonal balance
maintain psychological balance
reduce sweating

Package size:

Contents: 120 capsules

Preis:  56,00  inkl. USt.

Menopause is the stage in the life of women which is characterized by a change in the body’s own hormone production, causing a number of psychological and physical changes and often numerous health complaints. In addition to products containing soy (plant hormones), other products often also need to be taken against hot flashes. Phytoestrogens are secondary plant compounds that have a similar effect on the human organism as the estrogens produced by the body. Red clover and soy are good sources of phytoestrogens. Sage leaves reduce the intensity of night sweats. RED CLOVER PLUS capsules contain standardized amounts of phytoestrogens from (GMO-free) soy and red clover as well as alchemilla extract, evening primrose seed extract and sage extract.

The daily dose (= 2 capsules) of RED CLOVER PLUS contains the following decisive ingredients:

Ingredients Per daily dose (= 2 capsules) NRV*
Decisive ingredients:
Red clover herb extract 132 mg
   contains pure red clover 1,980 mg
   contains total isoflavones 11 mg
Soy bean extract 220 mg
   contains total isoflavones 88 mg
Sage leaf extract 18 mg
   equates to pure sage leaf 99 mg
Alchemillae herba powder 100 mg
Evening primrose oil 80 mg

*NRV = Nutrient Reference Value. The values of the ingredients are based on average analyses.


Recommended intake:

1 capsule in the morning and evening with sufficient liquid.


Please note:

Comparative studies show that Asian women hardly ever suffer from menopause symptoms, such as mood changes, breast tenderness, bloating and night sweats. An analysis of the dietary habits of Asian and European women revealed that by regularly consuming soy products, Japanese, Thai and Chinese women are provided with plant hormones (so-called phytoestrogens) on a permanent basis. Consuming these plant hormones has been identified as the key factor for the lack of menopause symptoms in Asian women.