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ESTER C 450 mg

Capsules with patented formula for vitamin C supply

ESTER C 450 mg capsules help with
an increased iron absorption
a normal function of the immune system
a regeneration of depleted vitamin E
a normal psychological function
a normal function of the nervous system
a normal function of cartilage and bones
a normal function of the blood vessels
a normal function of the skin
a normal function of the gums and teeth
a reduction in tiredness and fatigue

Package size:

Contents: 180 capsules

Preis:  52,00  inkl. USt.

Ester C is more than just plain old vitamin C. A few years ago, an American research team succeeded in producing a vitamin C substance mixture of exceptional quality. Attention was initially drawn to this by case reports, studies later confirmed that this, now patented, form of vitamin C has special features: Ester C enriches itself four-fold within tissue cells and stays in the body twice as long as conventional vitamin C. It is, in particular, due to its better cell permeability that Ester C is responsible for biologically protective effects that cannot be achieved with conventional ascorbic acid. ESTER C is a special, patented form of vitamin C. It is pH-neutral and thus stomach-friendly.

The daily dose (= 1 capsule) of ESTER C 450 mg capsules contains the following decisive ingredients:

IngredientsPer daily dose (= 1 capsule)RDA*
Vitamin C450 mg563%

*RDA = (Recommended Daily Allowance). The values of the ingredients are based on average analyses.


Recommended intake:

1 capsule a day with sufficient liquid.


Please note:

Taking Cosmoterra ESTER C 450 mg capsules supports the absorption of dietary iron in the bloodstream.